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Amy Su

Amy Su is a Certified Public Accountant in California (CPA Lic#93428). She received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Master's degree in Taxation and began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Amy has 21 years of tax and auditing experience with the Big Four public accounting firms and government agency. Amy's clientele includes expatriate, foreign national, small business, real estate broker, general contractor, international trading firm, high tech startup, and non-profit organization.


Amy strives to meet each client’s needs in planning the future and always delivers highest quality services based upon her extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of tax preparation, accounting and business financial services. She also uses this knowledge and expertise to aid in the communities within which she lives.

Amy是美國加州註冊會計師 (註會執照#93428),擁有美國稅務碩士及會計學學士學位,從事會計和財經行業超過二十一年。Amy分別曾經任職於美國四大會計師事務之普华永道和安永,還曾經在加州政府擔任审计师, 負責對專業投資機構的審計。Amy的客戶包括跨國公司外派員工和在國外工作及生活的美國居民,在美國從商和投資的外國人,房地產和保險經紀,國際貿易公司,硅谷高科技初創公司和它們的創始團隊,本地和跨州的中小企業以及非盈利組織。


Emma Zeng

Emma Zeng received her bachelor’s degree from Fujian Normal University in China, and AA degree in DeAnza College in the U.S. Emma Zeng has 11 years of experience in Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Incorporation service. Emma is dedicated to helping clients achieve business success by handling most of the bookkeeping and financial statements work in this firm. She is very oriented and motivated, and most importantly trusted by clients.


Emma是记账、工资税 和公司註冊方面的專家,一直致力於幫助客戶處理相关方面的工作,為客戶排憂解難。她以積極主動的工作態度,熱情誠懇的工作作風,贏得了許多客戶的真誠信賴。Emma願繼續為您提供熱情周到的專業服務。

Diana Ren

Diana Ren graduated at Renmin Universtiy of China. She worked at non-profit organization as an accountant for 3 years before coming to the USA. She is continuing to study accounting at De Anza College for accounting degree. She is an administrative assistant. Her background enables her to communicate easily and effectively with clients. She is committed to excellence in service.

Diana毕业于中国人民大学,曾在中国非营利组织任职会计工作3年,目前在De Anza College 继续学习。她出色的語言能力和文字功底使她能够与客户進行轻松有效的沟通。Diana致力于為客戶提供卓越的服务。

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